Inventories and valuations

It doesn’t matter whether your collection includes ten or hundreds of works of art. A professionally documented art inventory is indispensible, if your objective is to maintain an overview of what you have, where you sourced it, what it is worth and where it currently is. Especially when you insure your collection, wish to settle a claim with your insurance company, offer some of your works of art on the market, or wish to plan ahead for succession.

Inventories prepared by Living with Art are so much more than automatically prepared lists. As a first step, we closely examine your works of art and photograph them in their setting, to assess and document their authenticity, condition, value and other relevant specifics. If information is missing, we will be pleased to take on any required research.

The result of our work is an attractively designed catalogue reflecting your collection’s profile and centralising all information on individual works of art – invoices, certificates, loan agreements, auction or exhibition catalogues, installation instructions or restoration reports. If you wish, we will update the report on a regular basis, make any required changes and incorporate new acquisitions.

Living with Art inventories are highly professional art management instruments, conceived to safeguard your treasures, profile them to their best and maximise your collection’s value.